My Second SoCo VegFest Trip!

Back in August 2017, Santa Rosa held the fourth SoCo Vegfest at the Luther Burbank Center of the Arts. The festival has many vendors including food vendors, snack vendors, clothing vendors, beauty vendors, and more! They also had many speakers, cooking demonstrations, and a movie screening as well. I was so honored to meet Miyoko Schinner!IMG_7066

The vendors were amazing this year! I bought many vegan items including Kelly’s Croutons, a tote bag, and much more.


I had an amazing meal for lunch as well. I bought a yummy vegan bowl from Southern Fried Vegan. I got a mac and cheese bowl with chicken tenders and slaw and I could not resist the yummy berry lemonade.


For dessert, we discovered a local ice cream shop, Lala’s Creamery from Petaluma. They were serving up vegan ice cream so, of course, I got a scoop of the vegan almond joy ice cream! It was amazing and they always carry 3 to 4 different vegan flavors. Be sure to stop by and give them a try if you are in Petaluma!

Overall, my second trip to the Sonoma County Veg Fest was a fun day filled with many vegan treats. I will definitely be continuing this annual tradition.

I highly recommend a trip to a local Vegan Festival to learn more about the wonderful vegan foods and vendors available.

Looking for the next Veg Fest? Click here to find a list of 2018 festivals, many coming up soon. Hope to see you at a Veg Fest!

Peace and love to all animals,



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