A Saturday Stroll Through the SoCoVeg Fest

This was my first visit to the Soco Veg Fest and it was so much fun! I got lots of yummy vegan foods! The Soco Veg Fest was at the Luther Burbank Center of the Arts in Santa Rosa, on August 20th. They had vendors, speakers, cooking tutorials, and kid fun. I went to the festival with my mom.image

We got lots of recipes and found some really delicious foods. We got some awesome pins and chapstick. A few other goodies we found were some delightful vegan jerky, a vegan chocolate bar, some popcorn, and an amazing almond dip that tastes like hummus. They had yummy vegan chai ice cream from vixen kitchen that I can’t wait to buy! We also found a lovely, all vegan tea room called “Muir’s Tea Room” located in Sebastopol that I can’t wait to visit. image

They also had a lot of people from sanctuaries all over California who came to educate people about being vegan and having a heathy lifestyle. I loved being able to taste anything I wanted and not asking if it is vegan! There were also several movies but we didn’t have time to see one this year. I had a blast and hope to go next year!

Peace Love and Compassion for All!


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