The Tahoe Vegan Life

I went to Lake Tahoe this week and discovered that it is actually really vegan friendly! For the first night we went to Fireside Pizza in the Olympic Village in Squaw Valley and I got an individual cheese-less pizza and it was quite good! The waitress said her family is vegan and she totally understood all of my concerns. She was great!

The second day I had a bagel and peanut butter for breakfast from the store, Sweet Potaotes Deli at the resort we stayed at. For lunch we biked to Tahoe City and found a Safeway. We ordered sandwiches from the deli and had a great picnic lunch by the lake. For dinner we walked along the golf path, from our hotel, to the Olympic Village again. We saw a beautiful fox on the way!

We found an Irish Pub that was recommended by a local woman on a cute green bike with lights. She said it was the best food in the Village. For an appetizer  I had pickle chips and since I couldn’t find anything else that was vegan, I just ordered French fries. Finally for dessert, I had frozen yogurt that was dairy free- it was very yummy!

And, for the last day I had a smoothie for breakfast from Starbucks before we went on the tram to the top of Squaw Valley-8200 ft up! They made a special smoothie for me without dairy.

We went to Hacienda del Lago Mexican food for lunch in Tahoe City. The beans and rice were vegan! They had a beautiful view of the lake too!

For dinner, we went back to Fireside Pizza in the village because it was Tuesday Bluesday and I got some hummus and pita while we sat outside and listened to the music.

And, for our last breakfast we went to Wild Cherries Coffee House in Truckee on our way home. They had lots of vegan options here! I got a bagel with hummus and a smoothie and I got a vegan banana chocolate chip muffin to go! I really hope to go back to all of these yummy places to eat next time we go to Lake Tahoe!

Peace, love and compassion to all animals-




One thought on “The Tahoe Vegan Life

  1. Sophie, I’m so impressed with your dedication! Good for you! I really enjoy reading your blog — and I just made another batch of “Sophie’s Quinoa Salad”! 🙂


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