My First Post: Sophie Rose

Hello my name is Sophie Rose and I’m an eleven year old vegan and this is my story! I live in Sonoma Valley, California. I went vegan when I was ten years old because I’m so attached to animals. But, my absolute favorite animals are pigs! This is what I did for pigs.

One day my mom was listening to a podcast and told me about a place in Washington called, Pigs Peace Sanctuary. So I decided to raise money for them through school and most people were very supportive, others not so much, but by the end, I had raised $256.00! Of course I knew I wasn’t done, I wanted to take a road trip up to Stanwood, Washington where the sanctuary was located to deliver my donation.

So, on March 24, 2016 my dreams came true when we pulled up on the sanctuaries property! It was so nice because they had accommodated a time for us to come when they were not even open! It was a great journey, I met pigs with disabilities, met all size pigs ( some up to 900 pounds!), feed 150 pigs 100 pounds of carrots, and even checked off a couple of things on my bucket list!  I am happily vegan now and hope you will join me on my journey with my vegan lifestyle!



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